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We offer a broad spectrum of services.  We are open all year long to provide our clients any help or answer any questions they may have anytime of the year.  Please read below for a detailed explanation of the services we provide and a range of prices!

Individual Tax Preparation

Our tax preparers are always up to date and have the expertise to explain the ever changing, confusing tax law to our clients.  We work with our clients one to one and provide a tax service that is available all year round.  We encourage our clients to come and meet with us to review their paperwork and to ensure that they are not missing out on a deduction. 


Once you are a client of ours, we pre-schedule all our tax appointments automatically each year.  We use prior year history to schedule our clients where we think it will work for them to come in.  If a client gets scheduled at a time or date that doesn't work for them, we just ask for a phone call at that time to get them changed for a more convenient time.  We have found that this works great and our clients seem to appreciate that they don't need to take the time to call to make an appointment.   


Preparing taxes has been part of our practice for 40 years.  We have taken our experiences and have created a well organized, efficient process.  Most of our clients have their return completed ready to pick up within three business days.


Our fee directly relates to the complexity of the return.  Please call us for a formal quote based off your information. 

Business Tax Returns

We work with many differnet types of clients who have many different types of business entities.  Whether you have a sole proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, S-Corporation or a C-Corporation; we can assist in preparing your business tax return. 


Most of our clients are scheduled to meet with our preparers to obtain the information needed to prepare their individual and business return.


One again, price depends on complexity.  Please call for a quote!

Compilations - Financial Statements

Knowing where your business is at financially is one of the most important business tools a business can have.  It helps make decisions that impact the day to day operations of businesses in any type of industry.  We have experience in providing financial statements for a wide range of industries.  We listen to our clients and use the form of accounting framework that works the best for them.  Our fee for preparing financial statements ranges from $150.00 - $400.00 per month depending on the complexity of the engagement.   This gives our client a CPA signed set of financial statements every month.  Once the history is available, our statements show the current period, the current year-to-date as well as the prior year current period and the prior year-to-date.  We also can add ratios in order to see at a glance your cost of product compaired to sales. 



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