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Haburn CPA, LLC


Alexandria Contact Information:

1124 3rd Ave E

Alexandria, MN 56308

T:  320.762.0204

F 320.762.9029


Email for All Locations:


Wendy L. Haburn, CPA               wendy@haburncpa.com

Jackie B. Goehringer, CPA          jackie@haburncpa.com

Cindy I. Solyntjes                         cindy@haburncpa.com

Kaylee R. Wilke                            kaylee@haburncpa.com

Arianna L. Kluver                          arianna@haburncpa.com

Shebly Thesing                             shelby@haburncpa.com

Carole  Weber-Brown                   carole@haburncpa.com

Riyada Copeland                          riyada@haburncpa.com

Kiley Lund                                     kiley@haburncpa.com


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Haburn CPA, LLC:


1124 3rd Ave E

Alexandria, MN 56308




Office Hours

You can reach us during the following hours:



Monday - Thursday

8:00 - 5:00 

(closed from 12:00 - 1:00)




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